How To Properly Supervise A Substance Abuser

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What actions to take if you believe that a worker may have a substance abuse problem, what is the responsibility of a manager, what is the best approach to identify substance abuser, how to keep written performance reports and safety records of the workers, how to eliminate substance abuse in the workplace.

Video Transcript

While you are in the process of documenting behaviour use caution, be sure the work is being done effectively and do not let the employee create an unsafe situation for your team or for themselves. Be consistent in your application of company policies. Know your company’s alcohol and drug policy and apply it uniformly with all employees. Be sure you do not tolerate behaviour with one employee that you would not allow with another. Avoid becoming emotionally involve with the employee, feeling sorry with the employee, a personal friendship or the employee’s length of service should not be reasons for special treatment. Remember you are responsible for everyone’s safety on your team. The abuse of alcohol and other drugs on the job is a critical safety issue.