How to Properly Select an Electrical Equipment

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What are the cautions when selecting electrical equipment, how to identify faulty electrical equipment, what is a ground stray electricity, what is the proper way to do when adjusting an instrument or piece of electrical equipment, how to properly select equipment in areas where flammable materials are used, what are the harmful effects of water and other liquids on electrical equipment.

Video Transcript

Test equipment from a simple vault meter to a complicated circuit analyzer is really just another tool and the same basic rules apply. A qualified worker knows to choose the tester that’s right for the job and follow correct testing procedures. Equipment limitations should never be exceeded, don’t abuse the testers. Rough handling damages switches, components and may cause faulty grounding. Inspect testers often for safe operation, check probe for defects and make sure they have insulated stack to prevent fingers from sliding onto lead. Before you start your job inspect your tools, make sure they’re clean and dry since oily film or carbon deposit can conduct electric current. Electrical equipment always have built electrical safeguard what we call engineering controls.