How to Properly Lift, Move and Lower Crane Loads

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How do cranes lift heavy loads, what is the best way to lift a load, what are the safety precautions when lifting a crane load, what is a tagline, how to properly land a crane load.

Video Transcript

It is the operator’s responsibility to know the capabilities and limitations of the crane you operate. Signs of experienced operator are smooth controlled lifts, only straight vertical lifts should be performed. This reduces stress on the hoist line and avoid necessary swinging of the load. Check the center of gravity before lifting any load. Communication is very important with everyone involved. Signals to the operator can be in accordance to standard hand signals unless voice communication equipment is used. The majority of crane’s accidents are the incorrect slinging procedures, unsafe lifting attachments and overloading under the hook lifting devices. Use controls to slowly and carefully lift the load and set it down in a safe location. The key is not speed but rather doing the job safely.