How to Properly Inspect Respirators

This 3 minute safety training video covers: How often respirators need to be checked, what is workplace respiratory plan, Osha respirator medical evaluation, how to select correct and comfortable respirator, how to correctly position and adjust the mask respirator, why it is important to test respirators before using.

Video Transcript

When inspecting your respirator check for holes in the filters, loss of elasticity or tears on the head strap and hoses, broken or loss connectors and fittings, missing parts, crack or scratch face pieces, detergent residue or dirt in the valves and general cleanliness. The responsibility for inspecting your respirator is yours, respirators routinely use for non-emergency purposes must be inspected before and after each use. Emergency respirators for escape, rescue and fire fighting are inspected after each use and at least once a month if not in use. Don’t accept less than perfect equipment and don’t try do it yourself repair jobs unless you are qualified and authorized by your employer to do so.