How To Properly Inspect A Fall Protection Equipment

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What is the importance of inspecting the fall protection equipment before using, what are the things to look for when inspecting the equipment, when to disposed an equipment.

Video Transcript

Before you put on your harness inspect it for webbing, broken fibers or cuts, distorted D rings, cracks or rough or sharp edges on metal parts, unusual wear where the buckle attaches and a safely working buckle. Hold the harness by the back D ring and shake the strap into place. Defective equipment can kill you. The few minutes to takes to inspect your equipment before its shift can save your life. Worn defective equipment should be taken out of service. Follow your facility procedures for safely maintaining and storing your fall protection equipment. In general, equipment should be stored away from excessive heat, some light, chemical reaction and welding spatter.