How to Properly Control Hazardous Energy

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What is the purpose of lockout/tagout procedures, what are the different types of energy associated with the machinery and equipment, how is a machine or equipment mark as active, how to identify machines that may have stored energy, what are the potential hazards of active and stored energy, what are the different types of lockout energy isolation devices, what does tagout devices provide.

Video Transcript

True or False? One’s locks and tags are placed on energy sources the worker is safe, the answer is sometimes true and sometimes false, what makes the difference? Some equipment stores energy and this is a hazard. To ensure a protection relieve, disconnect or restrain any hazardous energy that could be present. Check all the moving parts have stop, relieve trapped pressure and block or support elevated equipment. If it’s possible that energy might still build up check it continuously until you have completed servicing or maintenance or until the hazards no longer exists. Check the steps, make sure every energy source is shutdown, locked off, control and tagged out. Tell everyone in the locked out area that the equipment will be tested to verify that all energy sources have been controlled.