How to Properly Assemble Constructions Cranes

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What are the safety procedures before assembling constructions cranes, who should oversee cranes that need to setup or disassemble, what are the restrictions in setting up cranes, who should be the signal person, how is a construction crane assembled.

Video Transcript

Once you’ve determined that it is safe to utilize the crane on site you can move to assembling the crane. Many operators are seriously injured or killed why assembling, dismantling or shortening booms. Therefore it’s important to review manufacturer’s operation manual and follow the instructions. Remember to never walk, work or lean under any section of the boom during its assembling or dismantling. Some moveable cranes are equipped with outriggers. The purpose of outriggers is to improve the stability of the crane. If the crane is equipped with outriggers they should be used on every lift regardless of the weight of the load. Crane operators rely on effective communication with a signal person to operate their equipment safely. On large construction sites, the crane is usually the most expensive piece of equipment. Because the crane operation is often critical, OSHA requires that a signal person be qualified.