How To Prevent Office Fires

This 2 minute safety training video covers: Awareness of unsafe situations, how to use flammable liquids safely, what is an emergency action plan, what is the importance of emergency action plan, how to prepare yourself if an emergency occurs, where to find emergency routes in your workplace.

Video Transcript

Few situations are as frightening as a fire that is why it's so important to prevent fires and to know what to do if a fire occurs. Offices contain a surprising number of innocent looking but highly flammable materials hings like glues, polishes, cleaners and solvents. Don't use these materials around sparks or fires and don't smoke while using them. Never put hot matches or cigarette butts into office trash they can easily ignite. Protect paper and other flammables from heaters, ovens an other heat sources. Be prepared know your emergency exit routes before a fire starts, make sure they are posted and show you the best exit from each location.