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How to Prevent Industrial Fires

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What are the best way to prevent fires in your workplace, what are the fire potential hazards, how to avoid overload circuits, what precautions to take to avoid fires, what is emergency action plan, what basic guidelines to follow in case an emergency occur, how to prepare for an emergency, what are the evacuation procedures for your facility.This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 33 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Starting a new job always gives people plenty to think about. There’s learning their new responsibilities and procedures, meeting new coworkers, and getting familiar with the facility itself. But there’s something else they need to keep in mind as well, something very important… workplace safety. Workplace safety means thinking "safety first" on the first day of the job, and every day thereafter. Because that’s how employees can help themselves, and each other, avoid hazards that can lead to accident, injury… and even death.

Atlantic Training’s "Safety Awareness 101 for New Employees" training program reminds employees that if they know the types of hazards that they can encounter in their jobs, they can guard against them and often prevent them from occurring.

Upon completion of the program, employees should be able to:

Video Transcript

Having a fire awareness attitude in a workplace is very important accidents can happen if you are not careful. By being alert and following the proper steps you can prevent costly damage and even save a life that’s why it is important to know the safety procedures in your facility and to take drill seriously. Obey warning signs and smoke only in designated areas, make sure to put out your cigarettes and deposit in a proper receptacle, a burning butt of a cigarette carelessly tossed into a trash can has been the cause of many fires. All electrical equipment should be check regularly for old or worn wiring and for broken or damage fittings. Faulty electrical equipment is a fire waiting to happen so, report faulty equipment immediately. Fires can spread very fast it is very unpredictable, if you ignore a fire alarm you can end up trap inside the burning building. Once you hear the alarm, you have to know where to go base on your building evacuation plan. Follow your facility evacuation plan regarding areas of refuge.