How to Prevent Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

This 5 minute safety training video covers: How to keep away from dangerous behaviors, company’s drug and alcohol policy, what you should do if you suspect that a coworker may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, how to keep your facility free of substance abusers, how to help employees to overcome substance abuse.

Video Transcript

Your employer understands that alcohol is a drug habit cause big problems in people’s life often devastating one’s, that’s why you’re encourage to talk to a substance abuse professional and get involve in rehab program; the goal is to regain your health and dignity and help you keep your job and family. If any workers are impaired by alcohol or drugs they’re putting themselves and workers at risk, if these people won’t own their own safety what can everyone else’s do the answer is, create a safety net. If you suspect someone is drinking or doing drugs you have the responsibility to yourself and to your brothers and sisters to do something about it, if you don’t and someone gets hurt or killed you’ll have to leave at it for the rest of your life. You can notify your supervisor that the person is a danger to himself or to others, or the last resort you can notify your unit representative.