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How to Drive Defensively

This 3 minute safety training video covers: What are the other types vehicles on the road, how to maintain defensive driving, what are the special traffic laws for school bus, when do you have to stop for a school bus, how far back should you stop behind a school bus. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 21 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Atlantic Training’s Driving Safety Training DVD Package most employees travel the roads every day... in cars, vans or trucks... many of them on company business. Each year,traffic accidents claim over 40,000 lives and cause more than two million serious injuries. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death on the job.

This Driving Safety Training DVD Package Covers:

Video Transcript

Drive defensively which means you recognize hazards before something goes wrong. You pay attention to what it is happening around you, you have a plan and use practical driving procedures to avoid or diminish driving hazards. A defensive driver is an alert driver always ready to respond to adverse driving conditions. To determine if you follow too closely apply the 3 second rule. The front of your vehicle should not reach the marker before you finish counting. To prevent accidents increase you’re following distance to 4 or more seconds.