How To Correctly Pack Hazardous Materials

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What are the packaging requirements, packaging standards of hazmat, how to properly load a hazmat packages, safety precautions when loading hazmat packages, how to double check the packages, which hazmat should be segregated to other materials.

Video Transcript

A hazardous materials must be properly classified, described, packed, marked, labeled, documented and be in the correct condition. Packaging required for hazardous materials is the first line of defense for ensuring that the material is not release during transportation. An incorrectly packed material may not be offered for transportation, accepted or transported. DOT specifies performance standards for non-bulk packaging including cardboard boxes, metal cans and other containers. DOT approved packages usually have DOT or UN notation marked on the outside of the package. Package markings and labels are used to ensure that hazardous materials is loaded and stored according to DOT requirements. These rules are designed to prevent potentially hazardous situations may occur such as incompatible hazardous materials being stored or loaded together.