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How to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How to prevent hand injuries, how to use tools properly, how to stay focus on your task, how to protect your hands, wrists, and fingers, how to keep your hands safe, how to work safely. Click here to watch the 9 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Employees" hands are their most valuable tools. Every day their hands, wrists, and fingers are exposed to many different hazards, including cuts, bruises, burns and crushing injuries. Ergonomic stresses can also damage them severely over time. But this doesn’t have to happen.

Atlantic’s training products on "Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety" review the hand, wrist and finger hazards that employees may encounter in their workplace, and show them the equipment and safe work practices they can use to prevent injuries.

All of the products... the new "Micro-Learning" and full-length online courses as well as the DVDs and interactive CD courses... discuss topics that are integral to employees" understanding of these issues.

Topics covered in these products include:

Video Transcript

The best way to protect your hands, wrists, and fingers from injury is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. That means paying attention to the basics and thinking of safety first throughout the day. Before you start any task you should first ask yourself if you are in the right state of mind to work safely. For instance, if you’re feeling angry or are distracted, you’re more likely to get hurt. If you are upset take a minute to cool off then refocus on the task at hand. Next, take a good look at your work area, identify any hazards and eliminate or control them.