Effectiveness of Fire Alarm and Evacuation Plan

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: Where should be smoke detectors and fire alarms positioned, what is the importance of emergency action plan, what are the contents of emergency action plan, several basic guidelines to follow when evacuating.

Video Transcript

When an alarm sounds emergency unit spring into action the main thing for you to remember about a fire alarm is simple it means get out of the building. If your facility uses whistles, horns or warning lights for any other purpose besides fire alarms, make sure you know the distinctive alarm that means there’s a fire. In addition to alarms, some buildings have also public address system to give employees further instructions, either way when you hear fire alarm that means it’s time to move drop everything and go. Never assume a fire alarm is just a drill, even if you don’t see fires or smell smoke the fire could be in another part of the building, fire can spread very fast it is very unpredictable, if you ignore a fire alarm you can end up trap inside the burning building. Follow your facility evacuation plan regarding areas of refuge.