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Fitness and Wellness

This 2 minute safety training video covers: How to build wellness and fitness into your life, how to decrease your chances of serious health problems, how to get healthy, importance of diet and nutrition, what foods are good for the health, how to achieve a healthy diet, health effects of being overweight, how to keep your weight down and how to eliminate bad habits. Click here to watch the 13 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

A healthier lifestyle can give employees more energy, increase their immunity to disease, reduce stress levels and help them lose weight. And when they are healthier they just plain feel better about themselves, so they work better, they’re more productive and they’re less prone to illness and accidents which benefits both them and their employers.

Atlantic Training’s updated Fitness and Wellness training provides employees with the information, understanding and inspiration they need to achieve the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. It shows them how to set and reach reasonable goals while eliminating bad habits that can hold them back.

Topics include:

Video Transcript

How would you like to give yourself more energy, boost your immunity to disease, lose weight, reduce stress and feel better about yourself? This is what can happen when you build wellness and fitness into your life. To get healthy, and stay that way, you need to eat right. So cut down on red meat and heavy milk products. A healthy diet can also help keep your weight down. If you are carrying around too many pounds, put together a weight control plan. Visit your doctor for a physical, and find out just how much weight he feels you should lose.Visit your doctor for a physical, and find out just how much weight he feels you should lose.