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Good Manufacturing Practices

This 4 minute safety training video covers: Basic cleaning and sanitizing procedures, effects of poor sanitation, importance of PPE, how to work with chemicals safely, factors to consider when locking out a machine, and lockout tagout requirements. Click here to watch the 4 minute full length version.

Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Food/Pharmaceutical Processing Facility program will concentrate on cleaning and sanitizing of process equipment. It’s extremely important to understand basic cleaning and sanitizing procedures and to use these procedures when cleaning equipment used in a food or pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Lack of proper sanitation can cause increased returns of products, shorter shelf life, less profit, and can invite the threat of possible operation shutdown.


Video Transcript

This program will concentrate on cleaning and sanitizing of process equipment. Personal protective equipment - the first step in cleaning and sanitizing process is personal safety. Personal protective equipment that is provided by the company must be worn. Keep in mind that chemicals are used and these chemical can be harmful to your health. Follow your employers policies and procedures relating to chemical safety. Next, machine safety. Since you’ll be working on different machinery, its important to understand lockout tagout. Lockout means the machine is locked out from starting unexpectedly. This is for your safety when working on machinery so make sure the equipment you are working with is properly locked out.