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Chemical Fire Extinguisher

This 3 minute safety training video covers: Importance of choosing the appropriate type of extinguishing agent, what is the most common type of ‘general use’ fire extinguisher and the pro’s/cons of various industry specific fire extinguishers. Click here to watch the 18 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Atlantic Training’s Using Fire Extinguishers safety DVD program Covers the usage of various types of fire extinguishers, including general ABC fire extinguishers and industry specific fire extinguishers. This program also covers the basic science behind how fire extinguishers combat fire and where to store fire extinguishers for easy access.

Program Points:

Video Transcript

The fire extinguishers in your facility should be appropriate for the hazards that are present. Multi-purpose dry chemical ABC fire extinguishers are by far the most popular type of extinguisher in use today. Because ABC fire extinguishers can be used on all of the most common classes of fires, they are good for "general" locations. Regular dry chemical extinguishers are a good choice for vehicles and home kitchens.