Streaming Video

Unlimited Access to 150 Safety Training Videos


  • Always OSHA Compliant

    Our videos are updated as soon as OSHA issues new regulations, ensuring that your training content is always up-to-date and OSHA compliant.
  • Printable Quizzes

    A printable quiz is included with each course to help you ensure that the employees have absorbed and understood their training.
  • Hasslefree Video Updates

    Since our Unlimited Streaming service is cloud based, all video updates occur in the cloud and don’t require you to download anything.
  • Vast Training Library

    More than 30 hours of training content spread across 150+ training videos. Our expansive library covers your training needs now and in the future.
  • Truly Unlimited Training

    Access all of our videos as many times as you want. There’s absolutely no restrictions on the amount of employees that you can train with our service.
  • Spanish Available

    95% of videos are available in Spanish (fully-dubbed).
  • Printable Certificates & Wallet Cards

    Each course comes with a printable certificate and wallet card for proof-of-training.
  • Cross-platform Support

    Compatible with Windows laptops and computers, iPads, and Android tablets.

Streaming Video FAQ

What is Streaming?

Streaming video is simply the internet delivery of a training video. Our Learning Management System (LMS) will deliver one of our 100's of topics via a high quality feed. Includied with each of the videos is the ability to download the various written materials including tests.  Because the courses are essentially rented, video streaming is significantly more cost effective then purchasing DVDs.

Do you offer tests along with your streaming videos?

Yes we do. All of our titles come with downloadable tests as well. In almost all cases, other written materials are included such as: certificates, train the trainer guides, quiz, attendance logs and other training materials. 

Can I order without calling in?

Absolutely, click here to order online.

Are there certain times the video can be viewed?

No. You can access your training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week once you have your login

How do we display the videos to our employees?

There are quite a few ways to display the videos however the most common way is to simply hook a laptop to a television or overhead projector. Most of todays televisions are 'smart' TVs and have internet access built in eliminating the need for a laptop.