Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence Safety Training Video Program

Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence Safety Training Video Program

Product Description

Preventing and Responding to Workplace Violence program discusses the causes of workplace violence and prevention strategies.  Workplace safety has become a major concern to managers and employees alike. With incidents like what happened at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, educational institutions are not immune to these types of incidents. Media attention has resulted in fear and apprehension, yet these less common than is popularly believed. Prevention is critical. Incidents involving disruptions and threats are increasing, and early intervention helps prevent more serious acts. Topics included in this safety video are: reasons to look at workplace violence, costs of workplace violence, risk factors, misconceptions about workplace violence, homicides and non-fatal violence, prevention strategies, environmental designs, administrative controls, behavioral strategies, behaviors, prevention procedures, good working relationships, training managers and supervisors with conflict resolution skills, established workplace policies, effective security measures, job counseling / training assistance, crisis management plans, recognition and response to the potentially violent person, make a resource list of service agencies, if you are in a situation where you are confronted by disruptive, threatening or violent behavior, if you feel threatened or in danger, preventive actions you can take in your department, post incident response, regulations.

Key Words: Preventing and Responding to Workplace Violence, Preventive Strategies, Threats are Increasing, Early Intervention, Cost of Workplace Violence, Risk Factors, Administrative Controls, Behavioral Strategies, Working Relationships, Training Managers and Supervisors, Counseling, Crisis Management Plans, Potentially Violent Person, Violent Behavior, Post Incident Response, Safety Video, Safety Training, Training Video Program.

Runtime: 20 Min.

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Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence Safety Training Video Program

Preventing And Responding To Workplace Violence Safety Training Video Program
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  • Runtime: 20 mins
  • Producer: Atlantic Training


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