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 Online Workplace Training - Safety & Compliance.

Now 4 different forms of digitized training content to get you trained FAST!

- Online Interactive Training

    • Ideal for managers who can not conduct a training class.
    • Our system trains, tests, scores and tracks each employee
    • Access from anywhere you have internet including mobile.
    • Starts at $25/per seat
    • PROS: Train from anywhere with internet access, No trainer required.
    • CONS: Can be costly at higher volumes.
    • ... See more details HERE

- Streaming / Video on Demand

    • Similar to renting a video with written materials, online.
    • Stream the full video from anywhere or any platform!
    • Download written tests as needed.
    • Starts at $75/week
    • PROS: Access to 100’s of courses instantly, low cost, and incl. written materials.
    • CONS: Must have projector/TV or Laptop and Internet access at time of training.
    • ... See more details HERE

- SCORM Compliant Courses & Plugins

    • Already have your own LMS? Our plugin may work
    • Our online Interactive courses on your training Learning Management System.
    • Starts at $850/yr
    • PROS: Plugs directly into exisitng system, trains and tracks staff for you
    • CONS: Must have your own Learning Management System
    • ... See more details HERE

- Intranet Training of DVDs

    • License allowing you to digitize our DVD content and written materials.
    • Place onto any secure network / intranet or build your own course via your LMS.
    • Allow access from anywhere within that network.
    • Eliminates the need of passing the DVD kit from department to department.
    • Price starts at $200/yr
    • PROS: Low cost training, Eliminates having to share DVDs in various departments
    • CONS: Must develop own testing or print and monitor including written test. 
    • ... See more details HERE

For more information click on options above or contact us at (800) 975-7640