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Over 300 Marcom DVD Kits

MARCOM is a leading producer of safety training videos/DVDs, online courses, CD-ROM courses, employee safety booklets and compliance manuals.

Best Selling Marcom Products

MARCOM’s product lines include:

  • Safety Meeting Kits (over 40 topics)
  • Regulatory Compliance Kits(more than 35)
  • Construction Safety Series
  • Interactive CD-ROMs (over 100 courses in English, many also available in Spanish)
  • Marcom Video/DVD Programs (over 200, available in English and Spanish)
  • HAZWOPER Video Series 23 titles to mix and match to satisfy the 7 major training requirements of OSHA’s Hazardous Waste (HAZWOPER) Regulation.
  • Compliance manuals on many of OSHA’s most important regulations
  • Employee safety booklets (more than 60 topics)
  • Employee awareness posters (over 60 safety topics)
  • A full line of computer-based Safety Games
  • Online training courses (over 100 courses available in English, many also available in Spanish)