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Lockout/Tagout - Online Traning

Lockout/Tagout - Online Traning

Course Overview

  • Topics covered by Lockout/Tagout include:
    • The regulation itself
    • "Engergized" machinery
    • Lockout/tagout concepts and procedures
    • Lockout/tagout devices
    • Electrical systems
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
    • And more
  • Discusses the OSHA Lockout/Tagout Standard, including the Energy Control Plan
  • Addresses electric, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and shows how and where Lockout/Tagout procedures should be used for each type of equipment
  • Provides powerful training that's impossible for your employees to ignore
  • Employees can complete the program on their own - any time - and at their own pace


J. J. Keller's interactive training programs are available in online and CD-ROM formats. Each offers compelling, high-quality training on required topics, best practices, and general safety and wellness issues. Below is a comparison chart of the system requirements for each.

System Requirements Interactive
Intel®/AMD compatible multimedia computer x x
Windows® XP or newer* x x
Pentium® 350 MHz processor x x
128 MB of RAM x  
60 MB of hard disc space x  
16X CD-ROM drive or higher x x
Flash Player 8 plugin or higher x x
JavaScript enabled   x
Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 3.6 or newer   x
Pop-up blockers disabled   x
Broadband connection 256 kbps or higher   x
Local bus or PCI video x x
Soundcard x x
Speakers / Headphones x x
VGA monitor x x



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