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Intranet Training FAQ

What is an intranet license?

An Intranet or Network license gives you the ability to purchase one of our DVDs and digitize it for placement on your local network. This eliminates the need of having to pass around DVDs from department to department and allows multiple people to access the training at one time in different areas. 

What format are the files in?

With the various firewalls and computer browsers available, we will provide you with the DVD which you can then "rip" into any format that works for you. 

Is there a test available?

With the DVD, you will still receive all of the written materials available for that program. You can then place those files on your network as well. 

Can I place this on my own LMS instead of company network?

Absolutely! With todays LMS systems, you can essentially build you own interactive testing course using the materials provided which offers a significant savings over the standard online trainings out there.