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Forklifts or powered industrial trucks are commonly found in the industrial environment, as well as numerous other work settings.

Atlantic Training’s premier safety training program on Forklift covers the general OSHA guidelines on what employees need to know to be able to safely operate one of these trucks. Forklift: Certify and Comply covers the standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, Subpart N, including 29 CFR 1910.178.

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Atlantic Training’s Forklift: Certify and Comply will keep your employees educated and OSHA compliant. This title reviews how to inspect forklifts and other powered industrial truck equipment prior to operation, safe operating procedures, and how to recognize potential problem situations.

This Forklift: Certify and Comply Covers:

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Forklifts or lift trucks are common machines used in industrial, construction and various other workplace settings. These types of powered industrial trucks are used to raise, lower, move, and relocate materials on the job site. OSHA requires employees that are going to be using these trucks are trained on how to use them safely and correctly.

The standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, Subpart N, including 29 CFR 1910.178