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We’re not just an online retailer/producer of safety and HR training products, we’re a software company too. Behind closed doors, Atlantic Training actively tries to search for new ways to make workplace safety convenient, prominent in work cultures, and most importantly: effective. It’s not enough to outfit a modern workplace with proper safety products. Embedded in our core values, is the desire to be the difference between someone who responds quickly and properly in a workplace safety situation, and someone who doesn’t return home at the end of the day due to a preventable cause. This is why we have an actual rapport with our customers; because we’re learning from them and are assisting them in our mutual goal of having a safe, productive, happy workplace. Not keeping a customer’s best interest in mind is counterproductive to our cause and way too corporate. Heck, even the word “customer” is kind of lame, right? It feels overused in sales and marketing and automatically implies that we “sell” and to be honest, we are more so just having real conversations with real people about how our products, combined with their expertise in the field, can achieve the optimal outcome.

... Our Team: 

Are we just like every other team out there? Well, that depends. If every team out there is made up of driven, fun, friendly, and genuine individuals working toward our common objective, then yes, we are just like every other team out there. But what sets us apart is our culture of self-motivation, leadership, and lack of corporate pressure. Employees are happy and healthy because we are paid generously, are happily accommodated when things come up in our personal lives, have great benefits, have room to grow, are encouraged and supported, and have even toys to play with when we need to get up and getaway. When you come into Atlantic Training, expect your co-workers to be hardworking, welcoming, friendly, fun, and bold enough to keep you on your toes with a grin on your face and a good feeling about going to work in the morning. (Side note: Be ready to eat a bean...we’ll explain later).

… Our Results:

We don’t want to brag but….we’re going to. We’ve grown tremendously in the last year in terms of both employees and annual revenue, and we’re not stoppin’! We’ve had big name customers such as:

  • NASA
  • Uber
  • BP
  • Tesla
  • Ethan Allen
  • 3M
  • Pepsi Co
  • And literally, a ton more because we’re kind of a big deal…
While we’re proud of all the big names we’ve been able to satisfy with our immense talent, valuable products, and obvious charm and good looks, the little guys are just as valuable to us. We work with enterprises all the way down to small businesses, yet we treat everyone with the same respect and care. You never know who knows who and at what company. The CEO at Huge Corp. could be in the same church group as Dan- one of the owners of Two Brothers construction. I made that scenario up, but I think you get the gist.
Everyone who works at, has done business with, or has interacted with Atlantic Training should have had a swell time doing so, and we know YOU can help make that happen! Why? Because you read this far!


... Job Postings & How to Apply:


As a growing company, we are always seeking strong talent. If you are a highly enthusiastic individual that shares our common goal, we want you on our team. Plain and simple. To apply for a position with us: Please send us a 60-second video to using your phone, telling us who you are and why you think we are a good fit for you or heck just talk about the weather. If you’re a good fit for our culture, we’ll find a job for you. 

Give us a holler right now. We won’t tell your boss!