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8 Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

Keep Employees Safe At Work and At Home with Fire Extinguisher Training!

Fires can happen at work or at home. During the holidays it’s important that you are vigilant with your decoration setup to help prevent accidental fire or electrical hazards. Check your lights for certifications to make sure they meet safety standards, buy your decorations from a trusted source, don’t plug too many decorations into a single outlet, unplug decorations whenever you leave and be aware of your surroundings when you’re stringing lights. Help protect employees with proper Fire Extinguisher Training. They can use this knowledge in the workplace and apply that knowledge at home for a safer holiday season!

Atlantic Training’s Fire Extinguisher Training Covers:

Online Training Options

All of the training titles you see also come in online interactive training or even SCORM 1.2 courses you can load into your LMS. Don’t have an LMS but looking to upgrade your training routine? Ask us about SafetySoft. SafetySoft is an all-in-one incident management and safety training portal that can cover you for all your workplace compliance needs.