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Sexual harassment continues to be an issue in the workplace though cases have seem to start declining over the years. In reality, though, the number of cases and people affected are still astounding; in 2016, nearly 7000 cases of sexual harassment were reported with roughly 83% being reported by women. Sexual harassment is not only damaging to the people affected, it’s incredibly costly to the business as well with over $40 million being paid out last year by businesses to affected claimants (not including the cost to production and absenteeism).1

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand how to identify sexual harassment in the workplace, what acts are considered sexual harassment, workplace sexual harassment policy, ways to avoid being accused of sexual harassment, how to take action against harassment and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a very painful experience to those affected and proper training can protect your workers from experiencing something as uncomfortable as an inappropriate advance.