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Each year, thousands of workers are blinded due to preventable eye accidents at the workplace making eye safety a critical topic. These hazards can be from chemicals, wood & metal dust particles as well as flying materials on the jobsite. Besides the endangerment of workers and their livelihood, accidents from eye hazards cost businesses over $300 million each year in medical cost, lost of production and workers compensation. Under OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.133, employers enforce eye safety measures on their workers to protect them from preventable illness and injuries.1

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand what are the common eye problems at work, how can we prevent eye strain, guidelines for the use of contact lenses at work, what are the two categories of eye hazards, understanding how our eyes work and how to deal or handle workplace eye problems. Something has basic as safety glasses or goggles can save you and your workforce from losing their vision due to a preventable incident.