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To The Point About: Respiratory Protection Training Course

Preview Course

Learn about respiratory protection on the job.

13 minutes   |   SKU: EOL-5056    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2019








13 minutes

Training Objectives

Comprehend emergency response procedures
Understand types of respiratory hazards
Learn proper respirator selection
Master fit testing and maintenance

Course Overview

This program has been updated. Please click HERE for fully updated course.

Our workplace is full of hazards, hazards that can hurt us or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the point of our safety and health program. One such hazard is presented by airborne contaminants that can cause lung damage, cancer and other serious conditions. The proper use of respiratory protection to defend against these hazards can prevent illnesses and save lives. 

That is the point of our facility’s Respiratory Protection program and that is the point of this program. So, pay close attention as we get to the point about Respiratory Protection. Topics include fit testing, assigned protection factors (APFs), particulate filter respirators, chemical cartridge respirators, powered-air purifying respirators, the three classes of atmosphere-supplying respirators, user seal checks, basic respirator safety precautions and proper cleaning and storage procedures.

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