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Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics

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This course teaches how to identify and mitigate driving hazards, low visibility, work zones, and pedestrians.

20 minutes   |   SKU: CS394    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2021








20 minutes

Training Objectives

Learn defensive driving strategies for CDL drivers
Identify and avoid driving hazards
Defend against risky driving behaviors of others
Keep yourself and others safe on the road

Course Overview

When you drive defensively, you’re always “looking for trouble”. Not that you want to cause any, but so you can “defend” yourself against other drivers and the trouble they can create. Whether they’re speeding, tailgating, or just not paying attention to what they’re doing, other drivers can put you at risk... but they’re not the only problem.The course on “Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics” discusses how truckers can not only prepare and defend themselves from other drivers, but from driving hazards such as low visibility, work zones and pedestrians as well.

Topics covered in the course include:• The Mental Side of Driving Defensively• Preparing for Your Trip• Hitting the Road• Using Your Headlights• Negotiating Curves and Downgrades• Right-of-Way, Lane Control and Passing• Turns and Intersections• …and more.

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