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Workplace Violence Training

When your employees go to work every day, they shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of workplace violence. At the very least, your employees should understand that violent incidents at their workplace will be dealt with thoroughly. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 25% of workplace violence cases go unreported. As an employer, you need to make your stance on workplace violence known. Our training helps you accomplish both those items, but most importantly, helps you identify signs of potential violence and prevent incidents from ever happening in the first place.

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Hey Atlantic Training, violence in our business isn’t a problem. Why should we take your workplace violence safety courses?

Workplace violence rarely happens out of the blue. Violent acts are usually exacerbated by intense stress at work or home, toxic work environments, or poorly handled conflicts. As an employer, you are obligated to understand the signs that could indicate the possibility of violence from your staff. OSHA mandates that employers provide safe working environments for staff and contractors. When you arm yourself with the knowledge of workplace violence provided in our training, you can hopefully prevent an incident before it ever occurs.