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Welding Safety Training

We reap the benefits of skilled welders every day in our tools and infrastructures. In construction, manufacturing, and welding industries, there are more than 80 different types of welding procedures used daily. Each process comes with slightly different risks and safety hazards that employees need to be aware of. It is essential that you as an employer provide thorough welding safety training for your employees who may come into contact with welding procedures. OSHA has mandated Welding Safety Equipment and Welding Cutting Safety regulations. Our training helps you check all these boxes in one convenient place.

Welding Safety Training (12)

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Hey Atlantic Training, my welders know how to handle equipment safely. Why do we need your welding safety training videos?

Even the most experienced welders are not immune to human error. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there are 365,000 welding accidents each year. Approximately 40 of those injuries result in a fatality annually. When the lives of your employees are at stake, you can’t afford to cut corners on your training. OSHA has mandated specific requirements for industry welding procedures. Our welding safety training is designed to meet the entire set of mandatory OSHA directives. You’ll find every piece of safety training needed within our welding safety library.