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Packaging & Containers Safety Training

Whether your employees are shipping everyday products or hazardous substances, there are always going to be risks associated with the transportation and packaging of goods. Training for packaging and containers safety serves to keep both products and your people safe. Proper training helps employees handle and package goods safely, minimizing the risk of accidents and incidents during transportation and storage. Our training covers topics like selecting appropriate packaging materials, proper lifting techniques, load capacity limits, and following safety guidelines for handling hazardous materials.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows safety around containers. Why do they need your packaging and containers safety training programs?

Just like your products, packaging, and containers come in all shapes and sizes. With this variety of containers comes a range of hazards and safety protocols that need to be followed. Your employees need to know the procedural differences between cylinders, drums, pipelines, cargo tanks, and any other types of containers they’ll work with. Our training offers an easy, user-friendly place where you can cover all this training in-depth. By equipping your employees with this knowledge, you help keep them, your products, and your company safe.