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Indoor Air Quality Safety Training

Indoor air pollution is caused by gases, bacteria, or particles that have been released into the air. Inadequate ventilation will also increase pollutant levels, leaving your staff and stakeholders more vulnerable to illnesses. Although some of these illnesses could be short-lived, some could result in long-term health conditions. Our indoor air quality safety training helps your employees identify, prevent, and correct issues with indoor air pollutants. When you equip your team with this knowledge, they are able to avoid the harmful effects of poor air quality.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we’ve gone over air quality safety before, why would we need to take your indoor air quality safety courses?

OSHA has a keen focus on protecting employees from harmful elements located in your facility’s air circulation systems. Employers are obligated to keep track of harmful molds, bacteria, or other particles that can be found either in confined areas or even open spaces. As an employer, it’s not only your responsibility to comply with OSHA mandates, but actively keep track of threats to the quality of the air your employees breathe. Our training helps you conduct air quality testing properly, mitigate the risks of mold, and provide awareness about carcinogenic particles in the air. All these aspects are essential for protecting the health of your employees.