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Housekeeping Safety Training

According to the CDC, the second leading cause of occupational injuries is due to slips, trips, and falls. Most of these injuries are easily prevented with proper housekeeping safety training and a team that is fully aligned on keeping the workplace a safe place to be. Not only does housekeeping safety training reduce the risk of workplace injury, but it can kill germs and reduce the number of illnesses your employees are exposed to. Housekeeping safety training is simple, straightforward, and effective. Brush up on these safety procedures by taking our comprehensive video courses.

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Hey Atlantic Training, our housekeeping is pretty straightforward. Why do we need to take your housekeeping safety training courses?

Although “housekeeping” may conjure images of disinfectants and feather dusters, the housekeeping safety procedures you need in your organization are a lot more complex. OSHA specifications mandate ​​safety-related housekeeping in order to reduce the risk of illness and injury for your employees. Our training programs help you comply with OSHA housekeeping regulations as well as train your employees to watch out for hazards unique to your working environment. Most injuries are preventable, and our courses are some of the best preventative measures you can find.