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First Aid Safety Training

Although first aid might seem mundane amidst larger workplace hazard training, it’s important that your employees know the procedure to address and treat any kind of injury. Even a small injury could lead to blood-borne disease contamination, poisoning, and possibly loss of life. Depending on the work environment you’re in, first aid safety training will also need to cover injuries related to heavy machinery, tools, electricity, raw materials, noises, fumes, animals, germs, chemicals, and bacteria. Our first aid training videos make sure your employees are calm and knowledgeable in the face of a workplace injury.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows how to administer first aid. Why do we need your first aid safety training videos?

We’re glad you asked. Even if your team is fully confident on administering first aid, ​​OSHA has set standards for employers to follow when it comes to keeping your employees equipped with first aid knowledge and materials. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site every day, giving first aid is not a matter of if, but when. Having the confidence that your team is fully trained in first aid responses, including cuts, burns, abrasions, strains, and sprains, makes your workplace a safer environment for everyone.