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Ergonomic Safety Training

You don’t need to be in a construction zone or a job site in order to get injured on the job. In fact, most workplace injuries happen in office settings. In recent years, ergonomic safety training has increased to match the spread of ergonomic hazards within offices. Especially if your employees aren’t at a desk all day, repeated twisting, turning, stretching and other motions can cause stress and injuries to employees. Our ergonomic safety training make office, laboratory, and industrial settings more safe for your employees by helping them avoid injury.

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Hey Atlantic Training, I’ve already invested in ergonomic training and resources for my team. Why do we need your ergonomic training courses?

Glad you asked! As all workplaces are different, all human bodies are different too. What helps prevent injury for one person may not be enough to prevent injury for someone else. Our training helps your employees be their own advocates for their workplace safety. By providing this comprehensive workplace safety training, your employees will understand how to create their own ergonomic work environment. Plus, OSHA’s Ergonomics Enforcement Plan places more emphasis on ergonomic safety, especially with the rise of musculoskeletal disorders among employees. This training helps you meet OSHA requirements on ergonomic safety.