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Electrical Safety Training

These days, electricity is found everywhere. From your coffee maker, to your car, to your home and workplace, electricity makes our lives easier. As common as electricity is, the knowledge it takes to be safe around electricity still needs to be thoroughly taught in order to ensure the safety of your employees. Our electrical safety training helps ensure your employees will feel confident working around the various electrical hazards they might face on the job. These training courses will also make sure you complete the requirements under the OSHA Electrical Safety Standard.

Electrical Safety Training (19)

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Hey Atlantic Training, we already know the ins and outs of electrical safety. How can your courses benefit my team?

Although OSHA has strict mandates around electrical safety training, we know that any old course won’t do for you. Your employees deserve only the best and most comprehensive training. Whether you’re training employees individually or all together, you can’t afford to skip the comprehensive nature of our course. Our easy-to-understand training covers topics from General Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Safety to Laboratory Electrical Safety Training and Electrical in Construction Environments. You’re not just here to check a box for OSHA requirements, you’re here to make electrical injuries rarer than lightning strikes. Our training makes that possible.