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Compressed Gas Safety Training

Compressed gas can be found in many work environments these days, but its prevalence doesn’t mean that compressed gas procedures are easy to follow. Since industrial compressed gas can be found across many fields of assembly and repair (including refrigeration, welding, and heating) it’s important that all hands on deck are up-to-date on compressed gas safety training. OSHA regulations require that all employees who use or handle compressed gas are given Compressed Air Safety training once a year. Our compressed gas safety training courses make it easy for you to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we know our way around compressed gas safety protocols. Why do we need your training courses?

Although compressed gas can be found everywhere from refrigerators to hairspray bottles, it’s industrial compressed gas safety that requires the most focus, and that OSHA focuses regulations on most strictly. OSHA regulations focus on these three main areas of danger: 1) skin penetration leading to hemorrhaging, 2) flying debris, and 3) high noise level hearing damage. Additionally, our OSHA-compliant compressed gas safety training covers the proper use, transportation, and storage of compressed gas cylinders. With safety regulations being updated consistently, it’s best to have the most current, comprehensive training available for your employees. Atlantic Training videos are consistently updated as OSHA regulations are.