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Asbestos Awareness Training

When asbestos was discovered in the United States and Canada in the late 19th century, it was quickly adopted into construction efforts. Its resistance to heat and corrosion damage made it a desirable substance. The minerals’ natural resistance to fire and abrasion was used until the early 1970s, when the full extent of asbestos danger was discovered. Today, we understand how dangerous asbestos exposure can be. OSHA and the EPA have placed strict guidelines in place around asbestos awareness training that employers are obligated to implement for the safety of their workforce.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we’ve done asbestos safety training before, why do we need your courses?

Since the hazardous effects of asbestos exposure were discovered, the stakes for workplace and construction safety have been high. Asbestos fibers, which are invisible to the naked eye, can easily be breathed into the lungs. These fibers can result in lung scarring (asbestosis), diminished lung capacity, cancer, and even death. Therefore, OSHA takes asbestos awareness training very seriously. Atlantic Training’s video courses allow you to complete your required training quickly and in perfect compliance with OSHA regulations. Don’t leave your employee’s safety to chance, be sure your training around asbestos exposure is easy, accessible, and comprehensive for all people involved.