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October 14, 2012

Workplace Health Infographic: Work is Murder

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With over 80 percent of Americans employed in jobs that are not laborious or physical, there is a growing trend in weight gain and obesity leading to a rise in health problems and stress. It begs the question, is work killing us softly?

The types of jobs employees have don’t provide the exercise needed to maintain good health. Forty years ago about half of the jobs that employed workers involved some type of physical activity while now less than 20 percent of jobs have employees doing physical labor. Sickness is more rampant and common within an office setting so implementing health and wellness training can go a long way in understanding how to get back on the track of good health. Another option is to offer office ergonomics training to help combat risk of injuries in the workplace along with the costs involved.

The infographic above illustrates how employees jobs’ can be murder and what they can do to keep their work from killing them:

• Obesity is common and costly. Sitting at work all day burns less calories and makes it more likely to develop serious health problems which can lead to an earlier death. • Using technology on the job causes more health problems for employees like vision and joint from computer use. • Germs are more widespread in an office setting due to close proximity of workers with no fresh air and coworker contact with keyboards, copiers, etc. • The stress factor from work results in employees calling in sick and costing employers $200 billion dollars annually. High levels of stress can be a factor to developing other health conditions. • There are 4 easy tips for employees to keeping happy and in good health while at work; move around at work, change your chair and sitting position, keep clean with hand sanitizer and exercise after work.

Even though the workplace and types of employment are a changing factor in todays business world, committing to ergonomics training videos can help achieve the knowledge and understanding of staying in good health. The dangers are real and the statistics show that jobs not only make employees sick, but they shorten the quality of life as well. Because there is less active labor, back safety training dvds may be a helpful solution.


workplace health infographic
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