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October 26, 2015

Three Things to Know about OSHA’s New Rule for Confined Space Entry

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confined space entryIf you think your construction workers might classify as confined space workers, you’d best be sure before sending them out on the job site. Otherwise, due to OSHA’s new rule, you could be in hot water. If there’s a confined space at work, make sure to follow the procedures set forth by OSHA.

Characteristics of Confined Spaces

According to OSHA, there are three characteristics of confined spaces:

Requirements for Confined Spaces

As an employer on a construction site with a permit-required confined space, you must comply with various safety requirements. The list of must-haves at work includes:

Training for the New OSHA Rule

The new rule went into effect on Aug. 3. How can you make sure that your workers are prepared for the associated hazards of confined space entry? You’ve already made the first move, to research about the new regulations. Now it is up to you to share this vital information with your workers. You also are responsible for setting up safe confined spaces at construction sites.

Additionally, you will need to provide a safety training course that meets OSHA requirements. Employees must be trained before they step foot on a job site.

All employees – including entry attendants, entry workers and emergency response personnel – must complete the training prior to performing any work-related task. You easily can find legitimate safety training courses including onsite, offsite and online safety training programs. For best results, choose the most convenient and effective option for your workers.

You also will need to consult with a safety training instructor. Search for instructors who are certified by OSHA, since they have the most up-to-date safety information regarding confined spaces.

Atlantic Training’s Confined Space Entry training program provides employees with current facts on confined space hazards, how a Permit Space Program reduces these risks, what roles they may play in a confined space entry, how to keep themselves and their co-workers safe inside, and more.


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