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June 11, 2014

Sexual Harassment Infographic: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Many businesses in the United States suffer from costly repercussions due to sexual harassment in the workplace. Though there is widespread public knowledge regarding sexual harassment and the dangers it presents to companies, many organizations fail to address the issues and continue operations while seeming to ignore the problem. Companies know it exists, yet it appears they don’t know how to handle it. This puts the employer at risk and liability.

Companies should act with wisdom and try to understand the complete and total issues surrounding sexual harassment. They should offer training videos along with hr training for their human resource departments before putting any other workforce education in place.

With such a risk and possible cost problem to companies, the infographic should be referred to so the consequences are understood and tips for preventing sexual harassment can be implemented.

• Sexual harassment encompasses many different forms, from verbal to physical to written actions. • Because there is no cap on the amount someone can sue for sexual harassment this can be costly to all companies. • Prevention can occur by making employees aware and requiring mandatory training and education along with implementing zero-tolerance to every employee in the organization.

If owners make it a priority to learn and understand the laws and have mandatory training for both managers and employers, it can help foster a workplace culture and environment of safety and comfort since employees trust the employer will believe their reports if they ever have to make one.

Sexual Harassment infographic
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