Recalls So Far in 2017- Stay Away From These Products

Every now and then we’ll get a notification that a product has been…dun dun dun….recalled. Which isn’t necessarily surprising considering most of our products are now mass produced and are there for at risk for faulty manufacturing. Looks like 2017 already has some product recalls, so if you were thinking of getting one of these products….well, don’t. If it’s too late, call the company before it becomes a safety risk.

  1. Texton Bad-Boy Offroad Utility Vehicles: Lacking seat belts, injury and death hazard
  2. Dunkin Donuts Glass Tumblers: Laceration and burn hazards
  3. Active Kyd’s Children’s Toy Shovel and Garden Tools: Lead violations
  4. Michael’s Salt Lamps: Shock and Fire Hazards
  5. Curio Modular Lamps: Shock and Fire Hazards
  6. Toshiba Laptop Computer Battery Packs: Burn and Fire Hazards
  7. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Minnie and Mickey Mouse Children’s Sweatshirts: Choking Hazards

Food Recalls

  1. Willow Tree Poultry Farm, Inc.: Chicken Salad Products Due To Misbranding
  2. Burger’s Ozark Country Cured: Poultry Products Due To Misbranding
  3. Olymel S.E.C./L.P.: Pork Products Produced Without Benefit of Inspection
  4. Kettle Cuisine, LLC: Chicken Soup Product Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens
  5. Perfect Fit Meals, LLC: Chicken Breast Product Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen

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