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December 7, 2012

OHS Infographic: Australia’s OHS… is it working?

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by JJ Keller

Australia’s OHS is working toward a harmonized workplace safety standard of laws for the health and protection of all workers regardless of industry. Australia is focused safety and work health improvement. Workers will be provided equal protection and safe working standards and be recognized with specific licenses and training for national standards of safety.

Creating controlled practices and measures that can be applied to various work hazards and work activities is the main goal. By providing employers with information and guidance the hopes of achieving safe workplaces can begin to take place.

The infographic highlights the facts and figures of worker incidents as they relate to safety in the workplace.

• There has been a drop in workers compensation claims showing new standards for safety are working. • Transportation, manufacturing and farming/agriculture industries have the highest number of injury claims. • 1 out of 5 claims are due to injuries to the back. • Work safety fatalities numbered 42 deaths to bystanders as a result of someone else. • Farming related working fatalities occur more often than in other industries. • Asbestos related diseases are continually on the rise.

Australia has a long road ahead but is on a track of improvement as far as regulating and having companies come into compliance with guidelines for workplace safety. Many employers are implementing warehouse safety training as well as forklift training videos to help create safer workplaces and educate employees. Australia is 7th globally for work related deaths and injuries and the harmonized workplace safety standard should help them advance in areas of safety. The JJ Keller training can help achieve those standards.


Australia's OHS... is it working? -
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