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December 28, 2016

Los Angeles garment industry ‘deeply unsafe and unhealthy’: report


Los Angeles – The Los Angeles garment manufacturing industry – the nation’s largest cut-and-sew apparel base – is “plagued by workplace violations and marked by a lack of worker protections,” according to a new report released by the Garment Worker Center, the UCLA Labor Center and UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health.

In 2015, researchers surveyed 307 workers in Los Angeles’ garment industry. They found that:

“Our findings indicate that the conditions in the city’s garment workplaces are deeply unsafe and unhealthy for many of those who make what is stocked at popular clothing shops and department stores,” the researchers wrote in the report, Dirty Threads, Dangerous Factories: Health and Safety in Los Angeles’ Fashion Industry. They recommend that retailers and clothing brands be held responsible for the safety and health violations committed by the subcontractors producing their garments. Other recommendations include:

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