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September 18, 2012

Food Safety Infographic: Good Food Gone Bad

Meal planning and organization of cooking meals requires many to commonly plan meals that day and not in advance. Deciding what to eat for the meal can be based on a number of things like, how much can be spent, health and nutrition of the meal, ease of cooking the meal and if there is enough time to cook and prepare it.

A problem often overlooked during this planning is the safety of food. Food safety is not a priority and not thought of when we try to decide what will be for dinner tonight. Knowing some basics to food safety with food safety videos can help in knowing specifics on how long food stays good for in the refrigerator, how long to properly cook food and the proper way to prepare food to keep contamination minimal.

The food safety infographic communicates important food safety information and food safety tips to keep good food from going bad.

• Contaminated foods account for 48 million sick consumers because 1 in 6 have a chance of contracting a sickness from food. • Knowing bacteria and which foods carry less bacteria allow for safer shopping and less risk. • Proper handling and cooking are essential to reducing the risk and spread of contamination. • Cooking and preparation methods for different types of foods can help keep meals safe. • Understanding food allergies and the risk they pose is vital to food safety.

In order to lessen the exposure of contaminated foods, allergens and disease, food services training can have beneficial impact on allowing proper guidelines being followed. Everyone wants to ensure their families food is safe and remains that way.

Food Safety Infographic: Good Food Gone Bad -
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