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drug abuse infographic
by Atlantic Training
drug abuse infographic
by Atlantic Training
drug abuse infographic
by Atlantic Training

Employers are beginning to see the state of addiction within their workforces. Substance abuse is costing American companies billions of dollars in cost of health care as well as loss of productivity.

Companies use drug testing and other assistance programs to help combat the problems and help employees cope or resolve their drug and alcohol abuse problems. Three quarters of the workforce consists of people who have a problem with drugs or alcohol. They are workers who have low productivity due to wasting time or taking longer breaks and often arrive late to work or sleep on the job. They are employees who cost twice the amount in health care costs compared to employees who have no drug or alcohol abuse problems and they are at greater risk of involvement in a workplace accident. It is wise for employers to initiate employee drugs and alcohol training as well as higher levels of drugs and alcohol videos for supervisors in order to combat this costly problem in the workforce.

The drug abuse infographic points out the devastating implications drug abuse can have on employers.

• Employers are paying enormous costs for an addicted workforce in Workers Compensation and health care.
• Ninety percent of drug abusers work in small to medium sized organizations and three percent of them are working while under the influence.
• Drug abusers have a high turnover rate in job changes causing companies to spend more to hire new employees.
• Food services and the construction industries suffer from the highest numbers of drug users.

Employers are fighting back by implementing policies. Over half drug test new-hires. By pre-screening, there is less absenteeism, lower turnover and higher productivity. Workplace accidents occur less. Using hr training videos can bring companies up to speed with finding ways to fight drug abuse and addiction in their workforce.


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