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August 31, 2012

Car Safety Infographic: Max Speed Limit By State

The need for speed across the United States means 100,000 drivers will have a police officer write them a ticket for speeding every day. That works out to 36,500,000 speeding tickets to Americans yearly. With the average cost per ticket at $150.00, it’s easy to understand the revenue that can come from catching those who disobey the maximum speed limits on the road. 95% of drivers never even contest their speeding ticket, they just pay it and continue on down the road. Many drivers ignore the fact that speeding tickets raise car insurance rates and drop fuel economy.

Because there are so many drivers who break the speed laws, states are required to employee officers who are paid higher salaries than school teachers because each officer writes an average of $200,000 dollars worth of tickets annually. It is safe to say the tickets pay for their salaries.

The infographic backs up the above information and shows us how the maximum speed limits in states across America differ.

• 1 state, Utah, has a maximum speed limit of 80mph. • 1 state, Texas, has a limit of 85mph which is 25mph faster speed allowed than Hawaii. • 19 states have a limit of 70mph, this is the highest majority for a speed limit. • 14 states have a 75mph speed limit.

Many states have dot safety training and by requiring driving safety training the importance of obeying speed limit laws and hopefully reducing the number of speeding tickets written can begin to take place. Gradually over time Americans have seen speed limits increase, this is due also to safer cars being manufactured.

Car Safety Infographic: Max Speed Limit By State -
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