Bloodborne pathogens are extremely dangerous, as they can be the defining moment that someone is infected with a chronic illness or disease caused by the blood of someone else getting into their bloodstream. It’s extremely important to protect yourself against bloodborne pathogens so you can remain safe and healthy and free from bodily harm. The following infographic gives the industries and occupations that have the highest risk of being exposed to BBP’s.

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Bloodborne Pathogens: Occupations at Risk -
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Source: CQ
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2 Responses to Bloodborne Pathogens – Occupations at Risk

  1. catch22 says:

    Very intersting statistic on what facilities are getting citations/fines for BBP. I understand small facilities may still not have a good handle on this. The fact that none with 250 or more employees had any citations/fines is very surprizing.

  2. Matthew Pelletier says:

    I agree, that is quite surprising. I have a feeling 0% is far underrepresented though. It could be that OSHA just isn’t targeting large hospitals like the smaller ones since they tend to have far more violations/issues.

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